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Bradford District's Strategic Themes

Our common purpose is to create a good quality of life for everyone by maintaining and improving social, economic, environmental and cultural wellbeing. We have decided on the priorities for action in The Big Plan by looking at evidence about how things have changed over recent years, and how they will change in the future; and by talking and listening to people – over 3000 people answered questions about what things would improve our quality of life.

Our key challenge is to secure long-term prosperity which is shared across communities. This will only be achieved if we invest in regeneration, improve education and equip our growing, young population with the skills to compete in the global economy.

Bradford Strategic Themes

1 Improving educational attainment

2 Supporting the District's economy, jobs and skills and city centre regeneration

3 Supporting the most vulnerable adults, children and families

4 Reducing health inequalities

5 Securing and adequate supply of descent and affordable homes

6 Safe, clean and welcoming neighbourhoods

Strategic Priorities

Calderdale strategic priority content

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Strategic Priorities

Our vision for Kirklees

2020 Vision

By 2020 Kirklees is recognised in West Yorkshire and beyond as an area of major success. Its strong economy is supported by an attractive, high quality environment, offering the best of rural and urban living. Creativity and learning are highly valued. Communities are proud of their past, but enjoy diversity, are outward looking and face the future with optimism. Both young and old find it a safe, healthy and supportive place, where there is a clear commitment that all should share in this success.

Sustainable Community Strategy

The Sustainable Community Strategy (SCS) sets out the strategic direction and long term vision for Kirklees. It is a strategy to promote the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of the area. Every council has a duty to prepare a SCS and the process involves consultation with its partners.

The principles from our previous strategies remain the same. We have learnt lessons along the way, adapted where things have needed to change and continued to improve our performance management and communications.

We are developing and strengthening our knowledge and understanding of the circumstances of Kirklees, which we refer to as the Picture of Kirklees. This looks at areas such as Kirklees' economy, education and skills, health, housing and crime. A great deal of research was compiled during 2008, including the Picture of Kirklees, which was presented to delegates at the third annual Picture of Kirklees Conference on 20 November 2008. This was a partnership event attended by over 150 delegates from the public, private and voluntary/community sectors.

The SCS is a three year strategy that aims to move us nearer to the long term goals expressed in our 2020 Vision for Kirklees. It is a place shaping agenda with the objective to ensure economic and physical sustainability and long term sustainability of communities.

Our fourth Sustainable Community Strategy 2009-2012 (published November 2009) illustrates our commitment to our Narrowing the Gap agenda and our determination to reduce inequalities across Kirklees. It includes the priorities for each of our seven localities and encompasses our Housing Strategy and Economic Strategy. It also looks at the impact of our regional approach.

Link to the Sustainable Community Strategy:

Strategic Priorities

The Leeds 2015 report outlines what the key priorities are for the city over the next four years. The priorities are aimed at contributing to the delivery of the long-term plan for the city, the Vision for Leeds 2011 to 2030. But recognising the city, its residents and the priorities will change over the 19 year life-span of the vision, these city priority plans aim to start the process of achieving the vision by addressing the priorities and issues that matter now.

In 2015 it is envisaged the priority plans will be refreshed to represent the priorities and challenges of the time, and so forth. This approach makes sure the Vision to make Leeds the UK's best city is delivered, whilst ensuring that we along with partners continue to tackle priorities of the time.

So what are the priorities for the next four years?

There are five key themes in the City Priority Plan, which are a sub-theme of the main Vision for Leeds priority of making Leeds the best city in the UK. The five overarching themes are to make Leeds the:

  • Best city for children and young people
  • Best city for health and wellbeing
  • Best city for business
  • Best city for communities
  • Best city to live

To ensure the successful delivery of each of these themes, five high-level partnership boards have been developed. These boards have set the key priorities within each theme and will be responsible for ensuring these priorities are delivered and measured.

You can find further information about the City Priority Plans by clicking on the image below.

Leeds 2015 Report

Wakefield Together Pledges

The Wakefield Together Partnership which includes Wakefield Council, NHS, Police and Wakefield and District Housing is pledging to improve the quality of life for people in the district.